Moodle Map

Moodle Map

One of the assignments this week was to make a Moodle Map. What is a Moodle Map you may ask? Moodle is our work platform that we students use as a task manager during our studies. We were given no strings, and were encouraged to be creative, and below you can see my creative process and how I worked this out. Here is my finished result!


My inspiration for this task was simply a spider. I live on a farm in Østfold, out on the countryside, and here the nightlife of the spiders are wild. Every evening before I go to bed I enjoy a cup of tea outside on my porch and watch how the spiders appear and begin they’re hunting. It is truly captivating, and this is how my idea came to life. This is my inspiration photo that I captured one of these summer nights. How truly scary beautiful the spiders are up close.

moodlemap_inspiration_torilsorlieAnd how are spiders related to this task? Well, this is how my story comes in. For me the spider is Moodle, our working platform. She, (I choose to call her that) is the “mother” that provides us (students) with the information we need. She is the one that holds everything together. Through her we find all the information we need, all our tasks, the forum, teachers, weekly plans and so on. The spider on my Moodle Map symbolizes the core of my education, she is the working platform, and truly, a spider does work hard. The “N” caught in all the red, on the top of my drawing, symbolize a spider eggs sack, where all the ideas that comes from studying at Noroff is born. The fly symbolizes me as a student, oblivious to what is coming ahead. The fly is getting caught in the web, sucked in by the spiders silk. This illustrates how our education is tucked in all around us in Moodle, so like the fly, I am surrendering to the “mother”, and the web she has spun, I voluntary get myself eaten, so I can rebirth into a Graphic Designer. The web she has nested contains all our resources (almost), the spider has spun the perfect web for us students. Our task for this week was to get familiar with Moodle, to click around and learn how we can use it as it best. After doing that I have much more understanding of our online working platform, and so my drawing process begun.

03_moodlemapIt’s been years since I have been drawing anything, unless it was to my daughter, so I was really excited to get started on this task. First I sketched out the spider, and I wrote the Moodle name in the middle of the spider, tried to write in an organic way, so it would become a naturally part of the spider.

05_moodlemapThis is the fly that symbolize me as a student, getting caugth in the spider’s web.

09_moodlemapThis how my working table looked like during the process, and as you can see, the spider is not finished yet, but the map is evolving.

10_moodlemapAfter I finished my sketching I scanned the image and opened it in Photoshop. I inverted the photo, so that the background became black, the spider and the fly white, and so with the web. I had to make many layers to achieve the result I wanted. I am familiar with Photoshop, but I have never worked like this before, so I felt and still feel as newbie, and I have sooo much to learn. I freehand painted, picked the same red color on the spiders egg sack, and the eyes of the fly which the Noroff logo contains. Then I erased the text, and typed in the same word with a different font, so the result would look cleaner and tidier.

12_moodlemapAfter this I made a new layer mask and selected a darker grey and colored over the web, so it would not look that intensively, so it would not shadow the importance of the text inside the web next to it.

There you have it, my result of this first week’s creative task of creating a Moodle map. I have learned so much from this task, even how simple as learning not to draw so hard on my piece of paper, it will get very difficult to erase, haha. Thinking strategic when you put information into a form, trying to make it understandable, yet creative, has been so fun and challenging. I can’t wait to learn the tools like Illustrator and more, so I can achieve even a better result. This task has truly put fire into my spirit, and I can’t wait for the next creative assignment.