Summary week 1

This has truly been an amazing week, starting my education of Graphic design. At first it was overwhelming, so much information, and a new learning platform to get to know. Now at the end of this week when I look forward to next week, and the week after that, simply looking forward to the 2 years of learning.

To start off we had to get to know our learning platform Moodle, this is where we find all the information we need, we had to present our self in a forum, and to click around to get familiar with how the system works. At first it was a little bit confusing, but after clicking around every day, it more become understandable, and I see the importance of knowing where to find information.

One of our tasks was to make a Moodle map, I have another blog post about this, but shortly said, we were supposed to make a map describing in a creative way how Moodle works. This task was challenging and very fun. I have brushed the dust of my pencils, and never again it will grow dust on them. is one of our resources that have tutorials on most topics, and I have discovered how helpful tool this is, and can’t wait to dive in deeper on this learning platform.

We had to make a Reflected Journal in WordPress, the one you are reading on right now. This is for our own sake, for us to reflect on what we have learned, and to see our progress. This is going to be my diary for the next two years to come, I will write about my choices, why I decided it, and this will make me aware of my own development. Through this blog I will discover my strength and my own weakness, and to learn how to communicate with an audience, can’t wait to continue this journey with you and me.

My Moodle profile has been updated with personal information about me, this was one of the tasks, and we had to make a report about our weekly assignments. We have also been given information about different image files that will come to handy in our work project and when we deliver assignments.

toril_selvportrettAt last I have made a self portrait of myself, I like to smile and to be happy about life, so I choose to make one where I was smiling, because that is how I feel about this education, It makes my stomach, hearth and brain smile at the same time, and I love to share the rest of my journey with you!