Week 2 – Idea Development

Week 2 – Idea Development

This week’s topic is Idea Development! We will through this week be introduced to different methods of ideas and concept development and how to use them.  The outcome of this week we should be able to:

●  Define Creativity
●  Show understanding of the purpose of creativity in the field of design.
●   Make use of the SCAMPER method.
– I will write about this method in a post later on.
●  Demonstrate the ability to apply problem solving.
●  Provide solutions that are relevant, practical and can be implemented.

Our Mandatory reading this week is the chapters 01, 03 and 08 in Slagkraft (Erik Lerdahl).

○ Chapter 01: Creative attitude.
○ Chapter 03: Idea Development
○ Chapter 08: Brainstorming.

After reading these chapters I have learned more about different ways to get creative, how you can use different methods, either alone or in groups to help you get the most out of your creativity. You don’t have to be a creative person to be creative, this is something you can learn and practice. It helps if you already are creative, but you should always practice, you will then get the most out of your creativity.

So to everyone that is interested, I will recommend you reading Slagkraft by Erik Lerdahl. The book is loaded with useful information that will inspire you, and teach you how to approach ideas in different ways then you have before, so there’s no excuse, get started and be creative, everyone can do it!

slagkraft erik lerdahl