Practical assignment – problem solving TEASPOON

Practical assignment – problem solving TEASPOON

The third question this week was: You are given a teaspoon as an object. scamperNow apply each one of the SCAMPER techniques to it and give a brief explanation of what new product comes of this and how it can be marketed. My solution to this problem was making a teaspoon with a double function, a teaspoon you can use as chopsticks.

  • Substitute

The teaspoon can be used in a different way by splitting the spoon in half, and when you turn the spoon upside down, you will have chopsticks, so then you can use it to eat rise and all other sorts of food.

I would make my teaspoon/chopstick out of bio-plastics. This is plastic made from renewable biomass sources, this can be: vegetable fats and oils, corn starch, or microbiota, it can be made from used bottles and other containers using microorganisms.

  • Combine

I am combining the product with a hinge, in this way the spoon will hold together, or you can separate the spoon. In this way you can use the teaspoon in two different ways.

  • Adapt

The teaspoon can now be used as chopsticks, and can be used for another purpose, and reach a new audience. By this I am putting the teaspoon into another context.

  • Modify/Magnify

I can change the color of my teaspoon/chopsticks, by doing that I will make it more fun. If I change the color of the spoon/chopsticks into green, it will feel more natural, and attract to outdoor enthusiasts, and can be used as camping equipment.

  • Purpose/Put it to another use.

By changing the use of the teaspoon and make it double functional in form of chopsticks, it can be used more international. People that are not good at using chopsticks have now the option to use it as a teaspoon/spoon. The product can now behave differently; it will attract more people, because now you have a choice. Either you use the spoon or the chopsticks.

  • Eliminate

By splitting the teaspoon in the middle, you make the product more fun. But I think I will keep the shape of the spoon as simple as possible, so the spoon don’t lose the way it behaves. But by eliminate the metal and by using bio-plastics, you now have a much lighter product. The weight of the product will decrease drastically, this will save a lot of money in transporting expenses. It will be lighter and easier to bring along, and can be combined with other eating products.

  • Reverse/Rearrange

By splitting the spoon you turn it upside down, you have chopsticks. The top of the chopstick will be the bottom of your spoon and now function as a handle, to get a better grip onto it.

The product can be marketed in the fast food industry. You have the choice, eat like they do in the east, or use a spoon, it’s your choice. It can be used in restaurants, music arrangements, and as business gifts with logos, cantinas, everywhere you eat or buy food. Combine the product with rice, soups, all sorts of fast foods, and you don’t have to bring your own cutlery. It makes it easier, funnier with the different colors, and it is more practical.