The SCAMPER model and Mc’Donald’s

In my previous post you could read about the SCAMPER model here: and the history behind McDonald’s.
In this weeks assignment we had to find out and use the Internet to research the history behind McDonald’s and which part of the SCAMPER model is evident in their development onto its success.


  • Change from potato chips to french fries made in 1949.
  • Ownership changed from the McDonalds brothers to Ray Kroc.


  • In order to finance his first hamburger stand, Ray Kroc sold the construction company half-ownership in return for constructing his first building.


  • By adapting the idea the McDonalds brothers had about selling burgers and fries, Kroc idea was to create a new concept – the fast food.


  • Kroc couldn’t for some reason get the french fries to taste like the McDonalds brothers fries. It became clear that storage was the problem, as Kroc kept his potatoes in the basement, but the McDonalds’ kept their outside, exposed to the wind. Kroc then modified his storage by installing fans, and this solved the problem.
  • As many of the franchise owners wanted to expand the menu, it was decided to add new items to the menu, and “magnify” the burgers.


  • In order to generate more income, Kroc decided to re-lease the properties the company already leased, to the franchisers. They then had to pay both franchise fees and rent. This generates 10% of McDonalds income today.


  • To eliminate waste of time, McDonalds refused to buy their hamburger patties from distributors who had a large number of patties in their stacks, as this meant the McDonalds staff would have to repack them so they wouldn’t get crushed. With fewer patties pr stack, the employees didn’t have to repack – saving time and money.


  • The architecture was rearranged by the addition of drive-thrus, and the logo was changed into the Golden Arches logo.