Learning Activity – Colour Theory – Part 1

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Learning Activity – Colour Theory – Part 1

I this week’s lesson it is all about color theory, and I find this lesson very interesting and fun, since I love colors. Our first task is to explain the difference between RGB and CMYK, and what it means. The color systems is consistent because it is based on science and don’t change, and if you learn the rules you can have so much fun using colors in your design, whether it is for print or for using on web.


CMYK is used in printing, and have fewer colors than used in RGB. CMYK is a subtractive color system that ranges from:

C: Cyan
M: Magenta
Y: Yellow
K: Black

Black is the key, hence the key letter, it is 100% in value, and the other three values is at zero. What I mean by saying that CMYK is a subtracted color system, I mean that colors are subtracted from the black. It begins with white and ends up in black.. Magenta, Cyan, Yellow and black are primary colors in this system. CMYK is used in printing. When you add color in printing or in painting, the color gets darker for each color that you add. If you put all the four values to a 100%, you do not get black, but a smudgy dark color. But if you set CMY to zero % and Key to a 100%, you do get pure black. Settings key to zero as well, you will get white. CMYK is only capable to produce thousands of colors, and this might seem like a lot, but the difference is noticeable when compared to RGB on screen that uses millions of colors. 16.8 Million to be exact, or I believe, it is much as you can figure haha, a lot more than what our eye is able to perceive.


Image: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CMYK_color_model



RGB is the colors used on screen, and consists of the colors, red, green and blue. RGB is an additive color system with values ranging from zero to 255. All values at zero gives you black, while all values at 255 give you white. RGB colors are created with light, and are added values. When you add more color, the colors get brighter. RGB colors can produce more colors than CMYK. When I say that RGB is used on screen, I mean such as mobile phones, television, computer, iPad etc.

R: Red
G: Green
B: Blue

Image: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RGB_color_model

What we perceive as colors is light in different wave lengths being reflected from the surface and into our eyes.