Mandatory 03

13. November 2016 Uncategorised 0
Mandatory 03

Finally I have delivered my Mandatory 03 that has been all about learning layout in InDesign. We had to make a recipe booklet for the Enlightenment office (OEK) for eggs and meat.
I have worked very intence with this task, I wanted to be proud of my final result and here you have my booklet. 🙂

Egg booklet


Here are my sketches:

kladd1 kladd2 kladd3 kladd4 kladd5 kladd6 kladd7

Here is my inspiration for this Mandatory booklet:

1 2 3 4 5 6

This are the fonts I’ve used:

champagne breeserif

I was inspired by fonts, I didn’t want to change the expression totally, so I sticked to a clean and mordern font that had recemblance to own style.

Here you have my gridlayout in InDesign:

side_01 side_02 side_03 side_04 side_05 side_06 side_07 side_08 side_09 side_010 side_011 side_012 side_013 side_014 side_015 side_016 side_017 side_018 side_019 side_020 side_021 side_022

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