Learning Activity – Get the Basics Right

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Part one

  1. Explain the following terms in your own words:
    • The Internet
    • HTML
    • Browser
    • Search engine
  2. Please research and add another 10 questions to the briefing process.(See the lesson.)
  3. From this list of 20 questions (your 10 added to my 10), please create the ultimate list of 10 questions that you would use for clients.
  4. Please upload this activity to your WordPress blog.

Part two

Surf the web and find 10 sites you would consider to be great websites. Simultaneously, make a list of 10 sites you consider bad web sites. Remember to describe why you would define them as such. Upload your lists on your blog.


Part one:


  • It’s a network of computers, phones, tablets, cars, and all devices and appliances that has an internet connection. The main purpose with the internet is to share information.
  • HTML stands for; Hyper Text Markup Language. And is the basic code for most web pages. As HTML has matured, it can now also be used for displaying animation, and multi-media presentation. HTML is the universal language that does the job of retrieving and presenting information on the internet.
  • Browser is the software like Google Chrome, Firefox, Explorer and Safari that translates the HTML, to viewable content on your screen. 
  • Search engine is a technology for finding information across the internet. The most popular search engines on the internet are Google and Bing.


Here are my 10 other questions to ask a customer before creating their website:

  1. Will the site have to comply to universal design (universell utforming)? 
  2. Are there any special security needs? Such as SSL, HTTPS etc?
  3. Will the site be hosted internally or externally?
  4. Will there be a third party CMS or blog or commerce?
  5. Mobile first? (The use of mobile devices makes many developers develop the sites for mobile functionality first.)
  6. SEO? Is it important to design the site and content with SEO priority. (SEO = Search Engine Optimization)
  7. Do you have a tone and voice guide?
  8. Do you want to integrate social media in your web page?
  9. Do you have any preferred server and database technology?
  10. Does the content require a lot of bandwidth?


  1. What kind of visitors are you expecting on your website?
  2. What features should be used on your website?
  3. What is your deadline for completing the site? How big is the budget?
  4. Will the site be hosted internally or externally?
  5. Mobile first?  or responsive design? 
  6. Do you want to integrate social media in your web page?
  7. Do you have any color preferences? What should the look and feel for the website be?
  8. Do you have a tone and voice guide?
  9. What actions do you want visitors to take on the site?
  10. Do you have any preferred server and database technology?


Part two:

10 good web sites and why:

  1. phlearn.com
    The site fun to visit, the content is very good, and makes the site very interesting. They use videos and communicate with their audience. The site is updated, they offer free tutorials of high quality in addition to paid content. The site is clean and easy to navigate.
  2. procom.no
    Traditional laid out web shop for buying music instruments. The navigation is very efficient, and easy to understand. There is no unnecessary stuff cluttering the site.
  3. david-andersen.no
    The site is clean and beautiful, easy to navigate. The site is designed to reflect their products and brand, and I think they have done that in a very good way.
  4. tek.no
    For geeks this site is very good, you will find lots of relevant information on the front page. It is easy to navigate, and the site has lots of content. The site is clean.
  5. wired.com
    This site is modern, colorful, but still without too much clutter. The site is easy to navigate and have interesting content.
  6. mute.com
    Cool layout, modern, easy to navigate,
  7. operaen.no
    Beautiful site, easy to navigate, very modern, full of useful content.
  8. mariotestino.com
    Modern website, displaying a famous photographers portfolio in a delicate and interesting way. Special navigation, but easy to use, made the site interesting. 
  9. fritzhansen.com
    This site is clean and modern, easy to navigate, have relevant information, beautiful pictures in the legacy of Arne Jacobsen.
  10. versace.com
    Beautiful pictures, easy to navigate, even though the site contains a lot of information and products. The site is timeless.


10 bad web sites and why:

  1. lingscars.com/links.php
    Very bad website, very ugly, to much of everything. 
  2. arngren.no
    This site must have been inspired by lingscars.com/links.php. Too much of everything!
  3. 2advanced.com
    Once a master of flash based web sites, now the site is slow and to high tech, not easy to understand what is the purpose.
  4. fineart.no
    At first the site looks cool, but with a closer look, the site is not that cool. You have to scroll down the navigation menu, it takes up to much space on the left side.
  5. altinn.no
    The site has to much information, not easy to find what you are looking for.
  6. snohetta.no
    The site looks broken. If this is a design choice or an actual error, it is hard to say, but non the less, it does not look good, and does not suit the brand Snøhetta.
  7. romskogspa.no
    This site is not showing off any kind of luxury feeling to it. Here everything has gone bad, and the site looks 50 years old.
  8. nngroup.com
    Very boring site, you get tired even before you start reading. This is so weird, because Jacob Nielsen used to be and perhaps still is a guru in usability and user experience.
  9. gjerrigknark.com
    To busy website, the design looks very old, boring colors, the site is ugly.
  10. cityselfstorage.no
    The site is very boring. Not all of the functions is working, I am talking of experience.