Learning Activity – Design Different Looks

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Learning Activity – Design Different Looks
Learning Activity – Design Different Looks                     (6 hours)
Copy the exact content from a homepage of a website of your choice. Now redesign this homepage in three different ways. Each design should evoke a different emotional response from viewers. You can choose what you would like these emotional responses to be.Please upload this activity to your WordPress blog along with a short report where you explain the look and intent of each of the three designs.

Due dates

This Learning Activity must be published on your WordPress blog by the end of the week.

Please note:

You must complete 80% of the Learning Activities in order to pass this course.

Resources and equipment


I have chosen darker and warmer colors to set the mood for this theme. There is a lot of air, and highlighting the images. The boxes or frames are square to make the site look clean and strong in the expression. Since I have used a warm gold looking color around it, it still looks warm and soft.


For the romantic blogger style I have chosen a romantic color to show the expression, pink. I have used a darker grey color to tone the pink down, to not make the site to childish. Round boxes make the site look playful and feminine. I have used a curly font in the top header, and made a playful search box, this makes the site look not to formal, but more personal. Some elements are added like hand drawn arrows, this again makes the site look playful. There is a lot of air; I wanted to do it this way, to avoid a noisy site. There is not much more elements needed to make the site look romantic, less is more.