Learning Activity – A Knack for Names

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Learning Activity – A Knack for Names


Learning Activity – A Knack for Names

A knack for names                               1-2 hrs                    
Consider the tips on Inspiration given in your prescribed book and create a name for an ice cream. The ice cream has a range of different flavours, but the unique aspect it should communicate is the fact that it is the coldest ice cream in existence. Now come up with five name options for this product (you should not spend more than a few minutes on each name) using inspiration from:

  1. Latin
  2. Colours
  3. Metaphors
  4. Science
  5. Myths

Due dates

All assignments must be uploaded onto your WordPress blog by the end of the second week of Strategic Design, week 12. (The final deadline is Sunday at midnight.)

Resources and equipment for this week’s learning activities

  • Lynda course on Logotype Design with Doyald Young.
  • Lynda course on Design Techniques in Photoshop and Illustrator by Deke McClelland.
  • Designing Brand Identity by Wheeler, A. 
  • Branding, Vaid, H.
  • Toothpicks and Logos, Heskett, J.
  • Logo Design Workbook by Adams, S. and Morioka, N. 
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign



  1. Latin – Gelidus
  2. Colours – Blue Chill
  3. Metaphors – Facing north
  4. Science – Diamond dust
  5. Myths – Ice Monster