Week 32 -Learning Activity – Building a Mobile-Friendly Website

Week 32 -Learning Activity – Building a Mobile-Friendly Website

Learning Activity – Building a Mobile-Friendly Website

Learning Activity – Building a Mobile-Friendly Website              (10 hours)
  1. Write a detailed brief. (You may use a real client or a fictional one.)
  2. Use the information from the brief to build a wireframe for the website.
  3. Choose a WordPress theme for the website.
  4. Customise the WordPress theme to fulfil the specific needs of the client.
  5. Make sure that the site works on both desktop and mobile devices. (It does not have to work perfectly, but I want to see that you have considered it.)

Upload your brief, wireframe and website to your WordPress blog.

In week 31 we had to build a website from start to finish, I then made that website mobile friendly.
Here is the link to the website, and the learning activity:
Learning Activity week 31
Mobile friendly website

But I have also made a mobile friendly wordpress site for a fictional customer – that wanted a online photogallery to showcase his/hers photographies.
The theme used for this site, is: RokoPhoto Lite powered by WordPress
The site works well on mobilephones and on desktop. The site is responsive.
Link to website is: http://week32.torilsorlie.no/


This is a customer that wants to showcase his/hers images. The client is a nature hobby photographer, so the site is only for showing to friends and family.
The site needs to be clean and elegant, so that the images is in focus. The site is not intended to be used as a webshop, or any other commercial use other than having a gallery.
The site is easy to use, and it is easy for the customer to add galleries and update about information. The most important thing for my “customer” was a gallery page, a contact page where people can send and email, and an about page, nothing more than that. But he/her wanted the page to look modern and clean, so that the images was in focus, and that family and friends would take him/her seriously when he talks about his photography hobby.