Learning Activity – Mastering the Art of Product Photography

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Learning Activity – Mastering the Art of Product Photography

Question 1                                                     

Written assignment (Research and analysis)                      (1 hour)
Draw up a list of the most important aspects of a product photograph. Refer to shadows, lighting, quality, ISO and editing in your answer. Mention at least five things. 

Question 2                                                                                                    

Practical assignment                                                            (6 hours)
  1. Make your own DIY light tent.
  2. Take product photographs of the following objects:
    • Something fluffy, like a stuffed animal
    • Something shiny, like a knife and fork
    • Something hard, like a book or a mug
    • A liquid, like a glass of wine
  3. Draw a diagram of your lighting scenario for each of the above photographs and submit it along with the photographs.
  4. Edit your photographs with the software of your choice. Write an accompanying paragraph for each of your photographs and explain what you did during the editing process.

Example 1

Example 2

Due dates

This Learning Activity must be published on your WordPress blog by the end of the first week of Photography 4.

Please note:

You must complete 80% of the Learning Activities in order to pass this course.

Resources and equipment

  • Carton box
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • White fabric
  • Camera
  • Lights (can be desk lamps if you don’t own photography lights)
  • Objects to photograph
  • Editing software of your choice
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Scanner


Question 1

  • Good lighting is the most important aspect of product photography. 
  • Where you place the lighting is very important.
  • Have clean and even background – so the picture looks professional
  • The photo needs to be in very good quality, shoot in RAW format, and the picture needs to be in focus. You can change your image quality settings to RAW inside your camera. So it is important that you have professional equpiment, like a good DSLR camera, or a fullformat camera. You can do this by using a very low ISO, for this ISO 100 is good or less.
  • The photo needs to have little to none shadows. If there are any shadows it has to be a very soft shadow.
  • The product photography needs to be in a right scale, so you see the product in the right way. 
  • The product photo needs to have the right exposure and the color needs to look realistic, and in the correct way. 
  • If you take several product photography’s, you need to have the same lighting in all the pictures, so that there is consistency in the images. 
  • There is plenty of editing software to use, the most common one is Photoshop and Lightroom. It is important to know these programs, so that you can edit images and get the results you want.
  • You take better product photos by using a tripod, this gives stability, and makes the pictures look sharper.
  • Make shure that your own reflections does not show in the product, ecpesially when you are shooting shiny objects.

Question 2

1, this is my lightbox and my process


2, here you have my photos for this task. I have edited the images in lightroom adjusting the white balance.

ISO – 100, F/4, 1/40 sec, 28 mm
ISO 250, F4,2, 1/15 sec, 32 mm
ISO 100, F/4.8, 1/20 sec, 42 mm
ISO 125, F/4, 1/15 sec, 28 mm